Lake Affect Studios

Lake Affect Studios

​Lake Affect Studios is a developing artistic community consisting of artist studios, an event room, and an art gallery all under one roof.  Our goal is to create an artistic environment that not only nurtures creativity and passion within its own walls, but also impacts and 'affects' the community around it.

Event Room Policies and Procedures


  • Special rates for holidays or special requests may apply, and all rates are subject to change.  
  • Rental of event room includes: parking, use of space, use of stage, use event room restrooms, additional space for food prep/loading and unloading, & use of freight elevator as needed. Special requests and considerations may be made regarding this upon the rental of the space.   
  • Deposit is required upon signature of rental agreement, and will be returned after event is over provided everything is in its original condition post-event, and Lake Affect Studios was not left responsible for any unaccounted for duties or services such as cleaning, rental returns, etc.
  • Security is required for most events based on amount of people, nature of the event, and always if alcohol is being served.  Security services are booked through us but are the responsibility of the renter.


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